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By Jamie Cooper, May 14 2019 09:59PM

After a stressful day of fighting to stay financially solvent and seeing everything - again - slip through my fingers. A day of fighting wicked and tight, wizened witches and ogres over pennies, I de-stress with a quick biro sketch of a field near North Walsham.

By Jamie Cooper, May 8 2019 09:07PM

I came across this scene the other day near Tuttington. It is really difficult to perceive how large trees really get when compared to buildings, vehicles or people. Believe me - this tree was really over 2 times the largest building on the farmstead. Pen & ink sketch with dip pen on A3 watercolour paper.

By Jamie Cooper, May 7 2019 11:41AM

So using my own reference photo I sketched in the basic shape of the trees using a biro on watercolour paper (140lb Aquafine). Some biros don't respond well to having a wash put over them so maybe experiment before-hand.

Once this was completed I laid a basic wash over the areas to denote the sky - followed by the foilage and forground greens.

Left to dry and applied dip-pen & black Rowney waterproof ink. to strengthen the tree structures, add texture to the foliage and grass. A couple of dabs of darker wash were then added in places to ehance the shadow areas.

By Jamie Cooper, May 5 2019 12:37PM

Now that the leaves are budding on the trees I decided to do a sketch of a lane close to where I live. We haven't had much rain though and I suppose this accounts for the browns I can see in the foilage and the leaves are not out in force like in most other years, so far this Spring.

This is Winsor & Newton Peat Brown ink + some black ink applied with a dip-pen, and sign writer's brush, on a watercolour background.

The watercolour sky was added and whilst still wet I went into it with some Raw Sienna, followed by other yellows and some greens to represent the foliage and fields. This all took about 10 minutes. After leaving to dry (About 20 minutes), I sketched over with the ink, which pulled the whole scene together.

By Jamie Cooper, Apr 29 2019 10:57AM

So I have managed to pull another Norfolk Sky-line out of the bag - hopefully I will continue to find more ideas for inspiration as I really feel these scenes whilst sketching them.

Peat Brown Winsor & Newton ink & Black ink, applied with Dip-pen on a watercolour background.

By Jamie Cooper, Feb 24 2019 06:48PM

Yet another Norfolk sky-line pen & ink on watercolour sketch. Based upon a lane close to where I live in North Walsham. Each time I work on one of these pictures I can feel myself back there walking similar lanes. I feel the lonliness of thousands of walks I have done and the sublime peace of the whole experience.

By Jamie Cooper, Feb 23 2019 05:31PM

One of those Norfolk roads - where you hardly ever see a car - which is great if you're walking. However, you drive along it and you are bound to meet a car coming in the opposite direction - making you reverse for about a mile trying to find as passing place.

Pen and ink on watercolour background, A3 140lb paper.

By Jamie Cooper, Feb 22 2019 02:54PM

Another Norfolk sky-line sketch done in watercolour with dip pen & ink for the tree-line/foreground. There are so many of these scenes worth watching as the sun sinks lower towards evening and you traipse towards home, looking forward to a cup of tea. Obviously a short-walk - near to where I live - else I would have taken a flask with me...

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