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By Jamie Cooper, Jun 28 2019 03:23PM

This is more the sort of effect I was aiming for with my earlier woodland sketch. I'll keep practising!

By Jamie Cooper, Jun 28 2019 10:30AM

I learnt a lot doing this sketch and I feel that I will have to go on and do another - similar woodland sketch to reinforce what I learnt, and improve. I almost feel that I should do this sketch again as it incorporates loads of mistakes, but doing a different albeit, similar sketch now would suit my learning style - which does tend to give in to boredom albeit. The beauty of it all is in the learning curve, which I appreciate now more than ever before. Learning to improve is far better than screwing-up and then giving-up! .

By Jamie Cooper, May 14 2019 09:59PM

After a stressful day of fighting to stay financially solvent and seeing everything - again - slip through my fingers. A day of fighting wicked and tight, wizened witches and ogres over pennies, I de-stress with a quick biro sketch of a field near North Walsham.

By Jamie Cooper, May 8 2019 09:07PM

I came across this scene the other day near Tuttington. It is really difficult to perceive how large trees really get when compared to buildings, vehicles or people. Believe me - this tree was really over 2 times the largest building on the farmstead. Pen & ink sketch with dip pen on A3 watercolour paper.

By Jamie Cooper, May 7 2019 11:41AM

So using my own reference photo I sketched in the basic shape of the trees using a biro on watercolour paper (140lb Aquafine). Some biros don't respond well to having a wash put over them so maybe experiment before-hand.

Once this was completed I laid a basic wash over the areas to denote the sky - followed by the foilage and forground greens.

Left to dry and applied dip-pen & black Rowney waterproof ink. to strengthen the tree structures, add texture to the foliage and grass. A couple of dabs of darker wash were then added in places to ehance the shadow areas.

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