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Quick sketch Wymondham Abbey

By Jamie Cooper, May 22 2019 05:41PM

Just a quick sketch of Wymondham Abbey. Sketched in biro, wash added, and then dip pen & ink used to enhance a few areas.

May 22 2019 09:19PM by Ian Depledge

Hi a lovely sketch. Is it for sale, dare I ask?

May 31 2019 12:39PM by Jamie Cooper

Hi - Yes could be _ I have a mount it would go in - How would £15 sound? I could post it for free if you're UK based? I'll mount it and put some photos on the shop page - If you use www.unknownnorfolk.co.uk then that page tells you it is a secure site to process payments (although .com is secure too but it sometimes shows an error warning - both use paypal though - which is secure) and I can take a paypal payment. Would that be ok?

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