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Dip pen and black ink over watercolour background on 140 LB watercolour paper

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The Lonely Lanes of Norfolk

Watercolour with dip pen & ink


The Walk - pen drawing of a lone walker on a footpath towards Martham from Somerton

Unknown Norfolk is dedicated to anecdotes, information and sketches of East Anglia - particularly Norfolk.


Using, mainly Pen & Ink (often with Dip Pens) & watercolour, Jamie Cooper finds interesting subjects to present and sell.


Collectables, curios, other artwork and especially books about the area, are also available to purchase.



As well as artwork, the gallery also sells antiquarian pieces and collectables such as painting equipment e.g. old Pochade Boxes and easels. Some artists love the patina and history associated with these items. As well as collecting them in their own rights, some artists even find it inspiring to actually use them.


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Jamie Cooper's work includes life drawings and portraits as well a range of pen & ink, plus watercolour landscapes.


The thing which most attracts me about Norfolk is that it is very easy - within a few miles of any Town to come across a place which is deserted of others and feels remote and cut-off. It has a wide and varied history and seems to have absorbed ghosts of past lives into the land. Was once highly populated by workers. However, nature has reclaimed most in only a few years. Now there is just the sky to contend with and the lonliness of it welcomes a lot of introspection and soul-serching.

The shopping experience at Unknown Norfolk can also make an unusual and exciting gift for someone.  

Unknown Norfolk, though small, tends to punch above it's weight. with works having sold as far afield as Russia and North America plus many European Countries

North Walsham Trees - A View Near North Walsham - watercolour and dip pen & ink.

Part of the Norfolk Sky-line series which can be viewed in the Gallery.

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